Pool pod

A unique product for disabled people

In addition to a platform for people with disabilities, Variopool also supplies the Pool pod. A lift specially designed for the pool and gives disabled access to the pool. The Pool pod is designed by an authority in the field of Olympic deliveries and with financial support from the London Marathon Trust, the Pool pod offers an experience in functionality, reliability and value for money. With a small lightweight battery, which is good for about 20 cycles in use. This, combined with a robust mechanical design, ensures that the user can enter the pool quickly and safely. The lift is even suitable for salt water baths.

The Pool pod has a unique design

The unique spindle-arm design makes it possible to use the platform in a single movement. It takes about 20 seconds to lower the lift to a depth of 0.9 m and remains horizontal on the platform during operations. Touch sensors ensure the safety of other users in the pool.

The operation runs through a special bracelet. Rising, descending and depth adjustment is easy by keeping the RFID bracelet against the illuminated arrows on the supplied stand. The complete system comes with a remote control and a charging point for on the wall. The Pool pod can be easily removed from its place if necessary. In addition to this lift, we also supply alternatives. Ask your contact person about it.