Time registration
An important part of official matches is time registration. We offer various possibilities in this together with Swiss Timing.
Water slides
The waterslides comes in a variety of diameters, lengths and heights. All components are produced according to the highest quality standards.
Water toys
The water toys is fun for children. Playing on a dry underground with those Spray Parks.
Waterpolo supplies
Goals for swimming activities such as water polo in different sizes and both hanging and floating.
horizontal bulkhead Horizontal bulkheads

Horizontal bulkheads can divide a swimming pool in virtually any position. The bulkhead can easily be moved manually by two…

Bulkheads Vertical bulkheads

A vertical bulkhead allows you to divide the pool into half from one fixed location in the swimming pool. The…

hinged wall Hinged wall

Hinged walls are installed in a fixed location in the pool floor. When not in use, they can simply rest…

movable floor Movable floors

We can create a movable floor in virtually any size, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The…