swim systems

Why Swim Systems

Swim Systems Scandinavia AB has many years of experience in simid sports and facilities for swimming sports. Together we cover a large part of the knowledge needed to optimize a swimming pool that will be built new or which will be renovated in order to bring in both swimming and swimming lessons. At Swim Systems Scandinavia AB, we can do swimming and bathing. Our goal is to be a complete supplier with both tailor-made solutions such as quick orders of products.

Swim Systems was formed with the aim of simplifying and improving swimming pool environments. We have our base in Bromma in Stockholm but work with projects all over Sweden and Scandinavia. Backed by strong, established and knowledgeable producers, Swim Systems Scandinavia AB can deliver optimal products for businesses, not just in the swimming pool but also “drier” sports arenas.

Are you planning for a swimming pool? Give us a signal! We know swimming!