Press release: Swims Systems gears up

Swim Systems Scandinavia AB has grown, moved into a larger office, made ownership changes and now stands well equipped for an exciting future on the Scandinavian swimming and bathing market.

The company’s ownership is now divided between two dominant players on this market:

IC Control Media & Sport AB – market leader in Sweden for timekeeping and graphic control systems at swimming as well as athletics competition facilities. IC Control Media & Sport does market and sell the world leading products of Swiss Timing.

Variopool – a Dutch world leading manufacturer and developer of movable floors, bulkheads and pool features for swimming pools.

Mr Bo Hultén, the founder and driving spirit of Swim Systems, gears down but will remain with the company in a new capacity as Senior Advisor to the company’s new leadership.

Annika Gardell, Director of Sales, and Erik Berglund, CEO, is leading Swim Systems Scandinavia into the future with great confidence.

“With Variopool and their product portfolio by our side we strongly believe we can make a difference by creating smarter, safer and more attractive swimming facilities in Scandinavia. We will offer a wide range of selected products to take any swimming facility to the next level”, says Erik Berglund, CEO of Swim Systems.

With Annika Gardell and the rest of the staff at Swim Systems, Erik will work not just with traditional products such as swimming pool accessories, timekeeping and displays. Waterslides and other related equipment will make sure Swim Systems gets recognized as a full service one-stop-business for anything swimming or bathing.

”It has been exciting and rewarding to work closely with Bo Hultén to grow Swim Systems Scandinavia to what we are today. We will continue to work hard to provide our customers not only with the best products but also the most insightful basis for decisions for anyone who wishes to create something good in our field. We look forward to sharing all knowledge we have managed to gather”, says Annika and Erik together.

Swim Systems is also pleased to announce that its new website has been launched. It reflects our new broader field of operation and naturally also provides information on new products. The site will continue to feature important knowledge and information written by Bo Hultén.

Bo Hultén concludes: “New strong ownership, new offices in Bromma, Stockholm, and lots of knowledge about products for swimming facilities. The future looks bright!”

Contact: Erik Berglund, +46(0) 812056041
Contact: Annika Gardell, +46(0) 812056047
Contact: Bo Hultén, +46 (0) 709565690