Backstroke turning line installation

Thanks to the backstroke turning point installation, the swimmer can see how far it has to go to the finish. This is a very interesting system especially for swimming backstroke. The flags hanging above the water at 5m on both sides of the side indicate, to the backstroke swimmer, that there is still 5m to go before turning point or finish.

The backstroke turning installation consists of four pieces of stainless steel high gloss polished uprights with an inner tube, stainless steel frog and cord guide. The uprights should project at least 1800 mm above the floor. At the bottom of the uprights solid plastic caps are applied to prevent damage to the
tile work.

The whole is complete with two pieces of Bisonyl flag lines. We carry a very wide range in everything that has to do with the swimming pool layout. For more information about our other products you can also visit the website of Variopool BV.