With these two-tone stair rails, getting out of the water is a little bit easier. In addition to being functional, Varioplay stair rails are also long-lasting and elegant.

The stair rails are made of stainless steel, and the top is finished with a white powder coat. The highest rail is 95 cm and the lowest is 75 cm. The rails are securely anchored to the pool deck using floor mounts.


The three polyester components are stackable. They can be placed on the pool deck by two people to create a 3-row grandstand for 15 people. If you need space for other activities, the grandstand components can be easily stacked back up and/or moved.

Because there are so many different stacking options, the grandstands offer more configurations than traditional tilt grandstands. And the easy handling means that these grandstands can be used at different places in the building and storage is simple and compact. On top of all that, they are also extremely user-friendly and easy to maintain.


Thanks to the water polo start installation, every match gets off on the right foot. The installation ensures that the ball is precisely in the middle of the playing field. The water polo start installation includes a floating ring for ball positioning and a serving line. Suction cups come with the installation, which allow it to be easily attached to the pool floor.


Thanks to the backstroke turn installation, swimmers can see how far they still have to go to the finish line. This is a particularly interesting system for backstroke swimming. The flags are suspended above the water at 5 metres on both sides, letting swimmers know that the finish line or the turning point is 5 metres away. The backstroke turn installation includes four high-gloss, stainless steel posts featuring an inner tube, stainless steel cleats and cord guides. The posts must extend at least 1800 mm from the floor. Solid plastic caps are attached below the posts to protect the tiles from damage.


Varioplay B.V. offers a range of water play equipment, such as water tables, floating components and all kinds of water toys. You can see a few of the things on offer below or just get in touch with us. Every idea can become a reality!


The water table is situated in a pool with a 30-to-40-cm water level and attached to a water source. That means that water flows continuously through the table’s grooves. Kids can walk around the table and play with different controllers that allow them to direct and manipulate the water, shoot a spout of water, turn a multicoloured water wheel and tip a bucket back and forth. In short: a completely new water experience that isn’t just fun, it’s also good for the development of little swimmers.

The water table is made of polyester and the toys are made of PUR foam with a polyester and acrylic layer. All materials are, of course, child-friendly, safe and long-lasting.