Competition lines

The Max Pro competition lines are indispensable for official KNZB competitions in your swimming pool. With these lines approved by FINA and LEN, the tracks are easily separated from each other in the official way. Swimmers are not bothered by the adjacent lanes, because these high-quality MaxPro lines ensure a perfect wave break. The lines are available in any standard color combination (red, white, green, yellow and blue) for 25 and 50 meters for 4 and 6 inches.

The correct tension is put on the line with a clamping system with a key.

Specifications: – Wave breaker 4/6 inch- Wave breaker Made entirely of plastic- Tracker 75 x 50 mm- Tracker completely made of plasticYou can store the competition lines using a line carriage or by means of a line carriage of platform transit in a collection container