Stainless steel: easy ladder

Varioplay’s stainless steel ladder

With stainless steel design throughout, the swimming pool’s look truly comes into its own, and that includes Varioplay’s stainless steel ladder. Installation into two-floor mounts means the easy ladder is always removable. The ladder features the necessary hinges in the pillars, handrails, and steps and includes 2 nylon wheels under the pillars. The ladder’s construction guarantees step-free angle adjustment and safe walkability at a range of water depths. When the floor is raised, the ladder will have an incline of around 60°, starting at water depths of around 120 cm, and with further floor adjustments, that angle can be reduced to around 10° (or a 40 cm water depth). The 800 mm wide ladder has 6 steps that are 260 mm wide. The handrail features a curved end for ease of use, along with an intermediate rail.


Delivery and installation of 15 pairs of stainless steel tube Ø 38-mm high-gloss ladder rails. Rail height of 750 and 900 mm. The rail’s center-to-center distance is 600 mm. The entire installation will be drilled into the structural edge and glued. Natural stainless steel color. The rails are fully detachable. Delivery of a stainless steel 316 ladder in the structural niche includes 3 perforated, set steps. Openings between the niche and the steps are smaller than 8 mm.


Delivery of the aforementioned number of stainless steel baffles for the benefit of lap swimmers in the pool. The baffles are made of 316L stainless steel. Touch plates can be installed on the baffles.