Handi-move 3200 lift

The mobile lift for your swimming pool

The mobile Handi-move pool lift can be perfectly used in swimming pools. People with a mobile disability can easily be lifted in the swimming pool by a companion. The lift can easily be removed, and a cover cap fits into the opening of the base. The mobile lift from Handi-Move is compact, ergonomic and easily movable thanks to the 4 wheels. The operation is simple, with the push of a button the spindle in the floor pot drops on the edge of the pool. After being used the lift can be driven away. The mobile pool lift is made of Stainless Steel and operates on batteries, making it perfectly safe in the vicinity of water.

The Handi Move 3200 is very compact

The swimming pool lift is light, has a swivel range of 360 ° and is easy to move. By installing additional plinths it can be used in different places. With the Handi-Move swimming pool lift, it is a small step from wheelchair to swimming pool. The lifting system brings the user into the water in one smooth movement without physical effort. One supervisor is sufficient.

* Electric 2 x 12V battery * Lift weight max. 135 kg * Size 60 x 70 x 166 cm * Charger built-in

An alternative to this lift is the Pool Pod. Read all about it on the special page. Varioplay is a subsidiary of Variopool.