Sit comfortable on Varioplay stands

In our product range we also have stands. Very easy to use during swimming competitions. To create easy seating in the swimming pool complex after the race, you can easily stack the stands at the desired location. After use, the elements can be stacked again.

Made of Polyester

The three polyester elements are stackable. To create seats, they can be placed on the platform by two people. This creates a tribune of three rows, which can accommodate a total of fifteen people. If you need space for other activities, the stand elements can easily be stacked or moved again.

Due to the different possibilities in stacking more setups can be made than with traditional stands. Thanks to its good handling, this stand can be used anywhere in the accommodation and can be stored easily and compactly. Moreover, the stand is very user-friendly and easy to maintain. The walking section has been made rigid.

Or stands made of Aluminum

The stackable stand sections are constructed from an aluminum frame finished with a powder coating. The underside is provided with protective caps to prevent damage to the surface. The seat of each tribune bench is made of lightweight polyester and offers space for five people. The tread is provided with a non-slip profile that is easy to clean. The stand is stackable up to 6 benches and can accommodate up to 30 people.

Optionally an aluminum mobile trolley can be delivered with this set. Due to the four swivel wheels with braking device, the cart with the stand on it is easy to move.