Omega Piccolo scoreboard

The Omega Piccolo scoreboard

For the public, the excitement of a competition is greatly enhanced by the instant display of the results, and by the ranking of the different athletes taking part in the race. The spectators feel far more comfortable and involved in an event if results and time gaps between the athletes are instantly disclosed at the end of a race. The Omega Piccolo scoreboard, an LED scoreboard for indoor swimming competitions, has been designed in that spirit and meets this very specific need; it is ideally positioned for all swimming pool operators who want to display the results of the lanes but are looking for low initial and maintenance costs.

The Omega piccolo properties

Piccolo can also be installed as a results repeater in zones where spectators cannot see the main panel, in the warm-up rooms, or even in restaurants of multi-sport facilities. Designed for indoor use, Piccolo is based on high-efficiency white LEDs, which guarantee clear and precise visibility. The digits are 10 cm high, and thus readable at distances of up to 50 meters. When it is used with the Quantum and thanks to its alphanumeric feature, Piccolo can display event titles and start lists among others.

OMEGA PICCOLO White Scoreboard 8 lines 12 digits
OMEGA CALYPSO mounting kit 4 lines (also for Piccolo)
Wireless Bluetooth serial port adapter
Cable TU 7pM – SubD 9pM – 50m on winder
Cable TU 7pM – SubD 9pM – 100m on winder