Water polo hanging goals of Varioplay

The water polo hanging goals can be installed on the pool edge. The goals are produced according to FINA regulations. The goals include two stainless steel goalposts and frames with nets and tension cords/elastic bands. The goals have an AISI 316 high-gloss, stainless steel sub-frame equipped with stainless steel eyes for use with the tension cords. The stainless steel sub-frame is also adjustable, allowing it to be stabilized against the back wall. The stainless steel sub-frame is also built to accommodate posts for water polo safety net installation. Four sets can be installed in the deck-level recess gutter and one set can be installed on the end wall.

mini water polo goals

The mini water polo goals were designed in collaboration with KNZB. These goals can be used in competition for F – E – D students. The mini floating goals meet FINA requirements and are regularly used in official championships. The goals are entirely made of aluminum with a 120-to-200 cm adjustable width and a height of 90 cm. Floating goals come with foam floats and 120 x 90 and 200 x 90 cm nets.

floating water polo goals

This type of water polo goal is one of the most stable versions on the market today. It is extremely stable in the water, thanks to the extra wide side floats and an additional float on the back. The aluminum goal is 360 cm wide. The frame and the floats are made of powder-coated aluminum. The goal complies with all FINA water polo regulations.

Water polo safety net installation

Varioplay can install water polo safety nets on any side of both 25 and 50-meter competition pools.  A water polo safety net installation is set up behind the goals and is meant to catch the balls that are missed. The ball immediately knocks back into the water to be used again and protects the audience. The installation comes standard with 4 stainless steel posts and a safety net and is mounted with floor anchors.