Water play table

Challenging and child-friendly

The water play table is placed in a basin with a water level of 30 to 40 cm and connected to a water pipe. As a result, water continuously flows through the relief of gullies in the table. The children can walk around the console and control the various controls. This allows them to steer and manipulate the water flows, spray a sparrow of water, turn a water wheel with blades in different colors and tilt a bucket. In short: a whole new experience with water, which is not only fun but also good for the development of the small pool visitor. The table also fits well with a spray park.

The child-friendly water play table is made of polyester and the play objects are made of PUR foam with a polyester layer and acrylate. Naturally, all materials used in this play element are child-friendly, safe and sustainable in use.

Water play table features

Size water table: 370 x 150 x 25 cm (lxwxh)
Material: Polyester, PUR foam, stainless steel, acrylate
Color: White (RAL 9010) with various color accents
Mounting: on architectural plinth / on stainless steel plinth (to be ordered separately)

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