Omega Calypso Scoreboard

Omega Calypso scoreboard for indoor and outdoor applications

The Omega Calypso scoreboards are available in numerical and alphanumerical displays with highly advanced LED technology. The numerical boards are intended for indoor and outdoor use, with white LED digits of 24cm and a light sensor that adapts to the brightness of the ambient light. This ensures optimal readability and strengthens crystal-clear view up to distances of 150 m. The alphanumerical scoreboard is to show information on the event like team names with white LED characters of 15 cm and up to 17 characters. The boards are designed to be installed on a wall, after which all Inter-module wiring becomes visible. Cleaning and maintenance are made easy with access to the front of the scoreboard. The Omega Calypso is manufactured from the highest quality materials, and all parts are thoroughly tested before assembly.

Omega Calypso White numerical board 8 digits options:

  • 1 line or (with Bluetooth option)
  • 4 lines or (with Bluetooth option)
  • 6 lines or (with Bluetooth option)
  • 8 lines or (with Bluetooth option)
  • 10 lines or (with Bluetooth option)

Another option is the Omega Piccolo alphanumerical scoreboard